Brazos Minshew Arizona

Brazos Minshew At Work In Arizona

Enjoying His Work

Being Active and In Nature Motivates Brazos Minshew! Something He Could Enjoy In Arizona!
Brazos Minshew left his family practice in Irving Texas hoping he could be of help to more people. And he did. Moving to Flagstaff, Arizona with his wife he was able to help more people in many ways. Being Native American he reached out to the community to help with health and literacy. He taught on the reservations as well as the local communities of Flagstaff and Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.

Brazos Minshew loves people. In all things he is motivated by this LOVE!  Beyond that he is a giving man. He helps people to read, to gain faith in God, Self and Life, helps them to be better husbands and fathers, wives and mothers. He is a healer of spirit and body. Always looking for ways to help. In practice, he never reached out for riches, just for enough to support his family and help others. He has practiced a rewarding style of healing. He has many fond memories of his patients. He is remembered for the laughs and the joy. His goal every day is to make people laugh. When he formulates products he always looks for the best way to help the most people.
Brazos Minshew Keeps Fit While in Arizona

Full Marathon Walt Disney World

Staying Fit While Helping Others Reach Their LifeStyle Goals!
Brazos Minshew has many physical interest. One of his favorite things to do is get a group together on thier bicycles and ride down Schnebley Hill from I15 to Sedona, AZ. What a beautiful ride. Bumpy but beautiful.

He paticipated in many Triathlons, as well as the Walt Disney World Marathon. He finished his Marathon and he wasn't even last. One of his Triathlons was a Ironman in Lake Havasu, AZ. Wow that was long. Most years while living in Arizona he ran into the new year at the Phoenix Midnight Madness Run 5K, 10K. Another event he like to go do while living in Arizona was the Rocky Point Triathlon.

He enjoyed morning bike rides with his friends. He would run just to be running. And he loves to swim. Swimming is a year round treat in Arizona. He even engaged in the Fitness Center, even tough it was inside. He would take Beau and Eden hiking. And he walks Pinot Grigio every morning he had time. He is a good Grandpa and Dog owner.

Brazos Minshew  Works hard to create ways to help people help themselves. 
Brazos Minshew  Continues his work to help us be better every day.